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Packaging Design for iPhone Devices Marketplace

The iPhone is one of the best selling devices in the tech world and has spawned a new industry made up of numerous third party devices, apps and accessories that support the device. This means that there are many opportunities to market new products but an enormous amount of competition. The key to standing out in this competition is the presentation, specifically the package design of your product box. The first thing that your audience will see is the package of your product. While there are many companies that try to stand out with unique and eye catching designs, they fail to do one critical thing. And that is to achieve an apple like packaging design. The they focus too much on their brand and the benefits of their product. While that message is important, it ignores Apple’s brand and loses the consumer. You may be thinking to yourself “why…

3 years, 9 months ago

Why Branding Through Graphics Is the Bigger Picture

The most obvious aspect of your brand is the visual presentation that you are portraying, so it’s only natural that you put a lot of thought in the graphics you use in all your communications. The logo is probably the first thing that comes into mind when companies think about their brand. However, branding with graphics goes beyond your logo as you can use graphics in a variety of ways to engage and make an impression with your target audience. You have to first come from the perspective that the brand is perceived image and emotional response that a company has with the audience. Once you understand that, it becomes clear that the logo and the brand message isn’t enough to communicate what needs to be said. By tying in images that represent what customers can expect from doing business with your company, the target audience will get a clearer…

3 years, 11 months ago

Is Luxury Branding Bad For Society?

There is a good deal of activity around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for luxury brands, presumably as an antidote to the potentially toxic imagery of uncaring, greedy luxury consumers, but some researchers question whether or not lux brands are credible supporting those who work with the less lucky. Still, as the Harvard study notes, in an era where potentially explosive social divisions are arising between the increasingly disparate haves and have nots, luxury brands – and all of us – may be better served by learning how to modulate our messages toward more objective luxury benefits such as quality and away from brand images of status that separate a select few not only from the masses, but also from their own better judgment. Read at Branding Magazine…

5 years, 8 months ago