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Why You Need to Focus on User Centered Design

One of the things that brand managers often have conflict with is choosing between a design created of their internal team developed vision and going with a more user centered design. While it’s important to have an clear vision of what you want for your design, designing something from only company perspective does not solve the problems that users have. Thats where collaboration with design firm that specializes in UX design comes in. Independent party perspective is crucial in successful experience design. First, you need to realize that everything is a risk. You could be creating design for a big ad campaign, a website for a big branding campaign, or a for a smartphone app. You’re either going to put in a big investment into the project or have already done so. By designing from the user’s perspective, you are minimizing risk due to the fact that you’re giving users…

3 years, 11 months ago

Designing for Web with UX in Mind

I’ll go little in a basics here so please bear with me. I received UI/UX questions from some folks another day on designing experiences so wanted to cover it in form of the post as well. What we are able to do today is: “Design User Experiences” on the web, just up ’til recently much of this was not possible because we had a lot of technological and browser related limitations. But today design of a website become complete experience design, controlling the pathways, user personas and funneling the users thru carefully crafted experiences. Improving a user’s satisfaction when interacting with a websites is part of the User Experience design, or UX design. There are a few standards that we follow to make a site visually appealing, easy to navigate, accessible and usable. Plenty of CSS frameworks have been created in the recant years to help make a website look clean but also accessible. We’ve…

4 years, 9 months ago

What Are the Latest Trends In Web Design Today?

If you’re considering a web design project, you should start by getting a full perspective of all that you can do with your website and all the creative options that are available to you. There are many web designs trends that have been hitting the industry over the past few years. And while most people think that trends typically fade away after some time, many of these trends are here to stay for the long haul so they are worth paying attention to. So here are a few you should be aware of. Unique Fonts The big thing in the design industry is fonts and it’s clear why. Bigger and standout fonts result in increased engagement. Some companies use custom designed fonts which almost adds a branding element. The bottom line is that standard fonts are no longer cutting it. Users are too used to standard fonts and underestimate the…

4 years, 10 months ago

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design

In my agency, we daily go through assessments of analyzing and auditing web user behaviors and online experiences for variety of different brands. Nowadays it all sums up on making decision of what technology is best to use on the back end to create that great front end UI/UX. Deciding on using responsive design or adaptive design on as platform depends on variety of factors and discoveries we due-diligently exercise in discovery phase of the project. I wrote a post over on our company blog about differences that articulates little bit more about pros and cons of each. However this is complex matter and decision involves a lot of different factors. Instead of segmenting different parts of a website to format it differently, adaptive design delivers a set version of a website that’s optimized for the user’s OS, browser and device. It also delivers the website from the server side…

5 years, 11 days ago

Getting Site Architecture and Interface Design Right

Do you know what kind of content should be put where? Are you clear about how you want to set up your navigation menu? What about how various topics and aspects of your website should be organized? This is something that many people get stressed about when designing or redesigning their website. While it may seem like focusing too much on these aspects of web design is a waste of time, it’s immensely valuable. Better site architecture and interface design means that visitors stay longer, gain value, share and even buy. So how do you go about site architecture and user interface design the right way? First, you need to understand the purpose of site architecture. Your goal should be to come up with a design that delivers value to your target audience while also helping you achieve your business objectives. In order to accomplish this, there are several things…

5 years, 7 months ago

Designing Sites for Better User Experience

For the longest time, the digital marketing world has ignored the concept of user experience. But it’s becoming more important as the web and its users mature. These days, UX design is starting to become a design standard, not only because it improves the look and functionality of your website, but also because it translates to more leads, traffic, referrals and conversions.

6 years, 28 days ago

Strategies to Ensure a Great UI and UX

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are finally getting the attention they deserve. Gone are the days of low competition markets when a site could simply launch and find success once enough people knew about it. Today, a site has to offer a great experience and be easy to use or people will move along to something else.

6 years, 3 months ago

Content + Experience = Engagement

It is not enough to have great content. To get the type of engagement that drives sites to sustainable growth and builds audience loyalty, an user experience must be had by a site’s visitors. This occurs through storytelling, detailed and interactive walk-throughs, and by providing a product or service that makes users believe their lives are being made better and easier by using it. Make no mistake; outstanding content is an absolute must. Without it, sites will fail to earn links and the crucial word of mouth recommendations that lead to true sustainability.

6 years, 5 months ago

Why Web Usability Matters More Than Ever

It’s easy to brush off usability or user experience as a new buzz word in the world of web design. After all, most companies these days have a fairly well designed and neatly organized website. But usability is not about having an attractive website or about having an organized site. Yes, those elements are important and do have an impact on the performance of your website, but it only scratches the surface of web usability.

6 years, 5 months ago

The Importance Of User Experience In Web Design

A website with a poor user experience will always under perform. It will struggle to earn links and social mentions, generate new leads, and when the time comes, it will struggle to convert those leads into new customers. The frustrating thing is that creating a great user experience is not difficult. A simple checklist should help to ensure that a site’s design is focused on the needs of the user and not the vision of the designer.

6 years, 5 months ago