Designing a Corporate Site

It’s always tough trying to come up with how to design a corporate site. On one hand, you want to convey an influential image of your company. On the other hand, you don’t want to come across as boring and blend in with every other company. The key to pulling off a great corporate web design is to figure out what your main goals are. From there, you can think about creative ways to present your company and engage the visitor. To help you start brain storming concepts, here are some jump off ideas.

Idea #1: A minimalist site with custom photography

If your corporate site has clear intentions on what it is supposed to achieve, then a minimalist design can do the job. Combined with custom photography, you can let your copy do the talking while giving an impactful imagery of what you want to portray about your company. This works because you get clear to the point what you want to say and place the emphasis on the copy and action oriented design.

A common mistake that many companies make when it comes to this style of corporate web design is creating the opposite effect with generic looking photography. Just because you’re using real photography doesn’t mean you can get away with a subpar image. A bad photo can make your website seem dull and misalign with your message. Think carefully about what you want to say with your text and imagery before you go out and hire a photographer for the job.

Idea #2: Hero image with limited options

Some companies are using large hero images (header graphics) that take up half or more of the page’s space with a strong and straightforward message to catch the attention of the user. This often works because it gives users the breathing room they normally don’t get from other websites and invites them to learn more about what you have to offer.

A common mistake is pairing a simple hero image with too many menu options. This is counterproductive since the goal is to be inviting, concise, simple and clear. You want to provide two or three links below the hero image to allow the user to find what he is looking for on your website.

Idea #3: A storytelling oriented design

If you have a unique story to tell about your company, this corporate web design format is the way to go. Many companies have used storytelling with the long scrolling format to engage readers and get them attached to the story. Some companies have combined parallax scrolling along with multimedia to awe and keep the attention of the user with great success. Just remember that this design is usually not SEO friendly.

A common mistake when using this design is not utilizing a great writer/storyteller for your website copy. You can’t forget that the goal is to keep the attention of the reader throughout your entire story. A poorly written or boring story will fail to do the job and make your efforts futile. So invest in a good writer and have the writer work together with your designer to create a captivating story from start to finish.

Hopefully, these ideas will spark some great corporate web design ideas for your next project.