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Embrace Creative Ambiguity in Branding

With embracing ambiguity comes the ability to embrace all kinds of possibilities and mesa ruble values. Because both you as the client and the creative agency is not tied down to a narrow view, there is much more freedom to come up a wide variety of meaningful solutions that can help reach brand goals and set new marketing initiatives. This can result in breakthroughs because the project or task can be approached from a bird’s eye view. Allowing bigger picture to be seen and everyone participating moving forward will be focused on reaching the unified goal.

4 years, 6 months ago

Designing for Web with UX in Mind

I’ll go little in a basics here so please bear with me. I received UI/UX questions from some folks another day on designing experiences so wanted to cover it in form of the post as well. What we are able to do today is: “Design User Experiences” on the web, just up ’til recently much of this was not possible because we had a lot of technological and browser related limitations. But today design of a website become complete experience design, controlling the pathways, user personas and funneling the users thru carefully crafted experiences. Improving a user’s satisfaction when interacting with a websites is part of the User Experience design, or UX design. There are a few standards that we follow to make a site visually appealing, easy to navigate, accessible and usable. Plenty of CSS frameworks have been created in the recant years to help make a website look clean but also accessible. We’ve…

5 years, 13 days ago
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Neou Typeface

Earlier today I was looking for clean, contemporary and legible San Serif typeface for one of my personal projects. I came across Neou, very nice typeface designed by André Uenojo. Neou is incredibly beautiful font, with streamlined elements. It is available in bold and thin styles perfect for dramatic contrasts in accenting design elements with typography. Neou also has equally pretty set of numbers that are designed in the same manner. My favorite characters are rendering of letter C, number 2 and character @. However I believe that letter J needs some fine-tuning as it gets little weak as a starting letter in the sentence. The only problem I have and why I didn’t end up using this font is, that as of now it doesn’t contain small-case letters, that I needed for this protocolar project. I’m not sure that designer will be adding full character set at the later…

5 years, 3 months ago