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Branding and Photography Mistakes Companies Make

Corporate photography has a huge role in helping companies create the right impression with their brand. Images are able to communicate on both an implicit and explicit level very quickly, so it’s a good idea to use them to support your brand message and identity. However, companies seem to make many mistakes when it comes to using photography in their branding efforts. Here are five common ones you should be aware of. Mistake #1: Choosing photos that are not aligned with your brand It’s not uncommon for designers to use a photo just because it seems to fit. You obviously should want a great looking photo but it needs to be aligned with your brand. A good example is a company selling fun educational toys for young children. While using a photo of a focused child wearing a college graduating cap may seem like a good fit, it is not…

3 years, 10 months ago

Don’t Be So Literate With Your Logo Design

Trying to design a meaningful but strong logo can be challenging. It’s not unusual for companies go through multiple artists and renditions to find the right look. And when it comes to the right look, the common thought process is that the logo needs to clearly communicate what the company/brand does. That’s why the goal with logo design is often simplicity. More often than not, simplicity works wonders but it may be acceptable to make the logo it a bit more complex, subtle, and distinctive. Many companies are too literate with their logo. You want your logo to stand for something that makes your company unique. The key is to come up with characteristics that make your company or brand stand out from the competition and work with a designer to try to incorporate them into the look. Another common mistake is looking too much like your competition. What you…

4 years ago

The Link Between Marketing and Branding a Product

When it comes to promoting a product, most companies focus on marketing it under the umbrella of their main brand. However, it may be a better idea to brand the actual product and market behind new brand identity. The whole idea behind this is to engage the target audience through a design, presentation, and message that is relevant and emotionally appealing to them. Why should you consider creating a brand for your products? In many cases, your core company brand may not necessarily have the right presentation and message for new target audience. For instance, your main company brand could represent technology innovation, but you may have a product that’s designed for gamers. It would be better to build the product brand around outstanding performance rather than have it fall under the umbrella of the core brand of computer hardware innovation as performance would be more emotionally appealing to the…

4 years, 3 days ago

Why Rebranding Should Start with Web Design

Are you planning on going through the rebranding process? As you may have already have found out, coming up with a new brand identity is challenging. No business can get over the fact that change is an inevitable necessity at some point in its lifespan. The good news is that a new brand can completely change your business. It means being able to target a new market/segment of customers, change your strategy, or offer new products/services. There are many different ways to go about it, but for many businesses, the rebrand starts with the web design. If you think about it, your website is the perfect vehicle to launch the new brand identity. It’s easy to gauge a response, forgiving of mistakes, and strongly representative of the business. It’s not far-fetched to try experimenting with a new brand name or new statement to see which ones elicit the most response….

4 years, 15 days ago

Visual Branding and How It Affects Your Web Design Decisions

Are you aware of your brand is being perceived by your audience? Visual branding is all about communicating the characteristics and benefits of your brand through your imagery. There are many companies that have strong logos and a strong message but lack the imagery to give their audience a clearer picture on what they are about and what kind of value they can provide. If you’ve made the same mistake and you’re in the process of creating a visual presentation that better represents your brand, you need to think about your web design decisions more carefully. When your visitors hit your website, they’ll be presented with the visual elements before they even start reading the words on the page. For this reason, you want communicate the value, uniqueness, relevance, and other qualities on your brand through your design. Much of web design projects are made up of trying to figure…

4 years, 16 days ago

Close Look at Marketing and Branding

Many companies build a marketing campaign via a standalone approach. They might have a Facebook campaign that takes prospects to a product page, a search campaign to drive traffic to their content site, and/or a social media campaign designed to create a following of fans. While this approach does work, it can be even more effective with a strategy that makes branding work synergistically with marketing. Imagine a social media campaign that a mid-size company would typically be running. It would consist of sharing content, connecting with other influencers for exposure and cross promotion, announcing promotions, and even interacting with followers. All of these actions would contribute to the success of the social media campaign but the results would be magnified by making the brand a big focal point. For example, a company can share quality content that’s lets people know that it’s associated with their brand; the company can…

4 years, 23 days ago

Visual Branding: Make Your Products and Services Desirable

Everyone has heard of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” before. That phrase has far more meaning when it comes to marketing your products or services. There is a lot you can say about what you have to offer, but those words can be taken to a whole new level with the right visuals. This is essentially where visual branding comes in. You want to create a positive emotional reaction in your prospect or customer on an implicit level while also supporting your explicit message. When people talk about branding, it’s usually about the company image. But that doesn’t mean a product or service shouldn’t have a brand. There are many examples of companies that have built a brand for a line of products to showcase them in a particular way and to also distinguish them from their other products. So what can you do to create…

4 years, 4 months ago

Storytelling and Voice for Startup Companies

Nowadays, getting people to pay attention to your message is similar to trying to get noticed in a room full of celebrities. For startups, the story can be the so called “X factor” that gets people to take notice of you. And it all makes sense if you think about it. Stories have always connected to people in a deep level and it is what makes you seem personal as opposed to another entity. The question is how to approach storytelling and how to create the right voice to tell it. The way to approach storytelling for startups is to come up with an authentic and unique story that ties into the interest of your audience. Your story should not be solely about your company or the products and services you sell. It should dig deep into something that people can relate and connect to. That means that in order…

4 years, 4 months ago

Branding Print Media and the Web

Many companies have a disjointed brand between their print and web presence. Some companies didn’t care to embrace the nature of the digital arena and simply copy and pasted their brand online. Others simply didn’t think that the Internet consisted of a different audience and thought the same offline approach would work online. If you are in a similar situation, it’s important that you update your brand and make sure that it works for both the print and web. It’s important to understand that the digital world isn’t just a medium for you to put your online brochure up. Branding also isn’t about talking about yourself in the best positive light. In print, the objective is to burn an image of your brand in the brain of your audience with your core message. In the digital world, the objective is to connect with your audience and get them to engage…

4 years, 5 months ago

UX Design – Is It Just Buzz?

If you’ve been listening in to what’s been happening in the web design industry, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about user experience (UX) design. As you may know, user experience is a design process that improves the user’s experience through the improvement of intuitiveness, ease of use and satisfaction of using an app or website. But the question you and many others may have is if it is actually necessary. Is it just a design premium that’s being pushed by the industry itself or is it something that’s essential for your business? The answer to this question is that it is important but not for every situation. Websites nowadays are visually appealing to the eye. But their flaws lie in the aspects of design that are not so clearly visible to the eye. Things like the navigation UI, loading time, and intuitiveness all affect the performance of a website. It impacts…

4 years, 6 months ago