Agency Engagement

Many people when I introduce myself ask how to engage with creative agency and what are the benefits of working with a agency vs. individual freelancer. The project widely defer and there is no single answer. In some scenarios company needs nothing more then single freelance artist, where in majority of the cases projects are complex and require whole team of people with a different focuses and expertise to achieve an optimal results.

In my practice what starts as simple website redesign, it ends up being complete brand refresh, product optimization, brand positioning and digital strategies and often refreshing print collateral.

Additionally there are many different agencies other and everyone should find its own fit and comfort level. Some agencies focus exclusively on the creative work, others are specialized in ads placement and strategies, some specialize exclusively on digital and web work. Focus in our agency for example is UI/UX Design, Web, Branding, Content Strategies, Print and Digital. So even though we are very small agency we see ourself as full service creative shop. Worthwhile mentions is also that certain firms would only take on the project from protocol industries and have very limited knowledge in other industries.

In the recant years I found even very granular fragmentation, some of our agency friends specialize exclusively in ecommerce development and it goes even more granular from there. We in opposite like versatility, dynamics that diversity of the workflows bring us. In fact there are only couple industries that we would not feel comfortable taking assignments from.

The best projects whith award winning results are typically ones that give us creative freedom and trust our expertise on development and execution. Fortunately most of the projects we come across have these dynamics and allows for seamless integration and purpose fulfillment.