Brand Marketing Through New Media Channels

Brand marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years. New marketing channels such as social media and online advertising platforms now require businesses to adapt and change their strategy. The old branding strategies that have worked in traditional media channels no longer apply in the digital world. Here are some of the ways in which you’ll have to adapt to make your brand marketing work. 1. Be Transparent People want to know that they’re talking to a real person. Rather than stand behind a logo of your brand, it’s a better idea to set up representatives for your brand. For example, rather than blogging through a corporate voice, you want to have a representative with a transparent bio to deliver your message. Even the biggest corporations have switched to this approach after finding out that it results in increased trust and authority. 2. Focus on Customer Experience Whether you […]

8 days ago

The Importance of Outstanding Annual Report Design

One of the best ways to build a positive reputation and strong outlook about your company in the eyes of the public, employees, potential business partners and existing business owners is to publish annual reports. You can say a lot about the positive aspects of your company in your marketing and advertising but annual reports can sometimes be more appealing as it is based on real data that people can rely on. Some publicly traded companies are also regulated to distribute annual repots, so this is a good excuse to invest in professionally designing one. Annual Report that will positively reflect not only numbers but overall goal and accomplishements.

2 months, 17 days ago

The Connection Between Branding and Web Design

There are many aspects of web design to focus on, but one of the most overlooked topics is company branding. If you spend the next couple of hours using the search engines to research company websites across a variety of industries and markets, you’ll notice that many of them lack a strong brand identity. The prominence of the brand is important in web design because it creates brand awareness to the user and leaves a strong impression. If you compare two different eCommerce sites that sell the same types of products, you’ll probably notice that the products, site structure and product organization are all very similar. What’s going to distinguish these two websites is the brand. A memorable and relevant logo is a big part of the overall brand, but too many companies fail to go beyond that.

2 months, 27 days ago

Designing Sites for Better User Experience

For the longest time, the digital marketing world has ignored the concept of user experience. But it’s becoming more important as the web and its users mature. These days, UX design is starting to become a design standard, not only because it improves the look and functionality of your website, but also because it translates to more leads, traffic, referrals and conversions.

2 months, 29 days ago
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Web Design and Its Effect on Corporate Branding

If you’re in charge of designing a website for your corporate organization, it’s imperative that you look beyond everyday design services. You need to work with designers that understand branding on a deep level and can integrate your company brand into the site design. You may ask “why is web design such a big corporate branding?” You have to consider the fact that there are millions websites in the same marketplace. In order to stand out from the pack, you need have a brand identity that instantly coveys your uniqueness and value. Your organization may have a strong authority and reputation in the marketplace, but that doesn’t guarantee traffic and engagement on the Internet. The first thing that users will see when they come to your website is how the design looks and the message it is communicating, or sadly, lacking.

3 months, 5 days ago

Cutting Edge of Web Design and Development

Today I’m going to talk about my web design team, how we approach web design project and thru storytelling technique help brands create better web designs. ArtVersion is a one of the premier web design companies in Chicago. Our firm has been in business for over 10 years and we’ve been able to grow throughout the years due to our focus on high quality design and client support. Our repertoire ranges from UI design for applications, branding initiatives for all types of businesses, graphic design for print, to user experience design for websites.

3 months, 26 days ago

Web Design UI/UX Design for Startups

For startups, a proper presentation is essential for building brand awareness, attracting partners, and making a big splash in the marketplace. That’s why many startup companies focus on creating a “pretty” website. However, many end up missing the key design elements to bring in new business. The two elements that are important is the user interface and user experience.

4 months, 21 days ago

Designing Your Site With Help From a Creative Agency

Working with a creative agency can be an incredibly eye opening and rewarding experience. You’ll be able to work with a creative team that are all dedicated to designing a website that matches your vision while also performing towards your goals. Some companies prefer outsourcing the whole task to a professional or firm and waiting until the web design project is almost done to look over and approve the final drafts. But there are several reasons why the collaboration process is more beneficial.

5 months, 3 days ago